‚Äč Questions and Answers for Our Customers : 

Note: Often, there can be a lot of questions that customers have to be initially answered by us; so here are our customer's common questions/concerns; and their corresponding answers as well:

"What is the average cost of a full grooming?"

 It is hard to say exactly what the total grooming cost will be for your specific pet, as we have not seen him/her before...

....Sending us a current picture of your pet will help us in determining the estimated total grooming costas well as some other answers to the following questions, such as: "When was the last time that your pet was professionally groomed" ..(Note: this does not mean "by yourself! " ) Q: "Where do you reside, and what are the ages of your pet(s)? " ... Summary: The answers to these questions can be very helpful towards us determining your rough estimated pricing :) 

Our full grooming sessions begin around: $ 65-75 and up. Please remember:  This pricing is for pets

that are currently in "good condition" and quoting over the phone is also to be assumed as representative for a pet that is currently in "good condition"... If we arrive at your location and your pet is matted or takes longer to groom for some reason ( due to health , behavioral issues, etc,), then we do reserve the full right to charge an additional cost as being added onto the pre-quoted "normal grooming session" price. NOTE: We Will inform you at least one half-hour upon entering into the grooming session if we notice that these factors may be/are present...

If a dog or cat becomes aggressive and/or dangerous to themselves or any of our Staff; we do observe the right to cancel the grooming session at any time for the safety of both your pet and/or our Staff members as well.. Please inform us at the time of booking if you believe that your pet bites or does not like to be groomed!  We do not appreciate dishonesty (yes, there are some owners out there that do not tell us this until we find out later upon arrival)... If we arrive at your location and the pet cannot be groomed; we reserve the right to charge the full price of the grooming, as we have already booked that certain & set amount of time for both you and your pet; and that booking now cannot be recovered at a later time. 


"Can I come into your van or watch you groom while you are in my home grooming my Sweetie(s)? I am so concerned! "

Unfortunately, there is not enough extra room in our van or for safety reasons in-home to allow for any extra person to be involved in the grooming for any added support! No worries though; we promise that we will take amazing care of your sweetie(s), and please remember that you are right there at home anyway for added support, just in case there is ever a concern while the grooming session is being completed... Feel good about that! 

When do you arrive at my home? Are you late now?

We request that you understand there are many variables that come into play when traveling to your home... we ask that you allow us 1/2 hour in either direction of our scheduled appt. as is considered reasonable to be able to arrive safely at your location and current scheduled appointment. The road is often full of unexpected surprises- traffic tie-ups, need to stop and fill (gas), road construction, motor vehicle check points, etc.

SUmmary: Our appointment windows are meant to be understood as such, so please allow a general total time of at least 3.5 hours to schedule for your pet's grooming time at home! Thank you! 

Can I cancel one or more of my pets for grooming once you have arrived?

No, we are the only party that is allowed to make that final ultimate decision.. If we arrive and you did not call us well ahead of time to cancel one (or more) of your pre-scheduled grooming session(s) at least 24 hours notice in advance before your scheduled appointment slot that day; then the full fee for all time that booked for your specific grooming session is considered now due and payable in full; and must be paid before we leave...Sometimes; we are able to work out a rescheduled appointment; but that is solely to be considered to be at the full discretion of our company. 

Note: If there have been two or more cancellations made within 3 months (or more) of each other through last -minute advisements ; we do reserve the right to charge a $20 cancel/rebooking fee as well for the next appointment; and that fee will be added on to your next full grooming session. The rebooking fee has to be paid before we can reschedule another appt. with you... We will inform you of that fee at the time of  us booking your next appt.


What if my pet has fleas/ticks/has skunky- smell; when you arrive at my location and greet my dog?

If we notice that your pet has been skunked and/or smells like he/she has been skunked; or has any live fleas and /or ticks that are present at the time before entering our van before or during any grooming session ; we reserve the right to charge an additional fee of: $10-30 extra for each "de-flea, de-skunk, and tick prevention application"... We do appreciate that you would understand that no one would want to hire a professional groomer that does not care about their pets and/or other customer's pets as well; as well as the next pet's health and safety that will next subsequently enter our grooming van.. We do appreciate your full understanding on this very important matter !! 

"My dog is sick, has an ear infection, is coughing, has an open wound, or has "post-operational status":

can he/she still be groomed?"

It is generally up to us to determine if the injury or disease that is currently present will affect our ability to safely groom your pet ! Please understand that we are very knowledgeable and professional; and are not being judgmental about your pet .. We would generally prefer for you to call us well- ahead at least two to three days before your scheduled grooming session; so that we can discuss some options that are specific to your pet ! 
Often, we can switch your pet's grooming session to an in-home session; if he or she is post-op or under the weather; which is the most comfortable option for pets being groomed, anyway ! :-) 

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